Learning Coaches/Master Teachers

Learning Coaches

Learning Coaches are teacher leaders who provide teacher support through new teacher orientation/induction activities, instructional coaching, informal observations, monthly meetings with new teachers, and ongoing professional learning activities. Learning Coaches are expected to complete 60 teacher contact hours throughout the school year.

Mechelle Johnson – yulanda.johnson@acsk-12.org
Michelle Sluder – michelle.sluder@acsk-12.org
Carla Parham – carla.parham@acsk-12.org
Angie Todd – angela.todd@acsk-12.org
Shannon Hatley – shannon.hatley@acsk-12.org

Master Teachers

Master Teachers are teacher leaders who guide the implementation of reflective practice technology and provide department, grade or building-level professional development as needed. Master Teachers must also conduct at least 10 formal observations and provide other support to teachers through reflective practice technology or more formal professional development to total 60 hours of support throughout the year.

Susan Buford – susan.buford@acsk-12.org
Regina Hunter-Johnson – regina.hunterjohnson@acsk-12.org
Janet Pennington – janet.pennington@acsk-12.org
Kay White – marsha.white@acsk-12.org

PLC Coaches

PLC Coaches are teacher leaders who support the work of the principal and school in ensuring a focus on and commitment to student learning.  Through coaching, consulting and collaborating with teachers, PLC Coaches help guide the implementation of professional learning communities and team based professional development aligned with the district’s academic goals as stated in the school and district improvement plans. PLC Coaches are expected to complete 40 hours supporting teachers and the work of professional learning communities throughout the school year.

Tina David – tina.david@acsk-12.org@acsk-12.org
Monica Gallimore – monica.gallimore@acsk-12.org
Emily Land – emily.land@acsk-12.org
Jason Winkler – jason.winkler@acsk-12.org