Chief of Staff/Human Resources

   Tammy Mason
Jana Gore
Administrative Assistant/
Board Secretary
   Jeff Mayo
   Chief of Staff
Debbie Cannady
Administrative Assistant

Office of the General Counsel


  Valerie Speakman
  General Counsel
   Glenda Haskins
   Legal Assistant
   Miracle Meeks
   Chief Financial Officer
Arianna Elliott
Clara Earle
Admin Clerk Finance/Accounting

Academics and Accountability

 Todd Goforth
 Director, Academics
Andrea Cotner
Elementary Education Coordinator
Carolyn Weirich
Secondary Curriculum Supervisor
Clark Knight
Supervisor of Career/Technical Education
Jamie Eldridge
Supervisor of Special Education
Rochelle Douglas
Director of Accountability & Federal Compliance
Tonya Hawkins
Accountability Support Coordinator
Annie Green
Special Education Instructional and Behavior Coach
Jessica Mosteller
Susan Knight
LeAnn Parham
Special Education Homebound
Carla Chandler
Administrative Clerk- SPED/Accountability
Diana Asbury
Administrative Clerk- Academics/Student Services


Russell Overby
Technology Support Specialist
Amy Overby
Curriculum Technology Teacher
Beth Lockhart
Curriculum Technology Teacher

Student Services

Jeremy Yow
Supervisor of Student Services/Human Resources
Brad Turner
Coordinator of Student Services
Dana Viox
Coordinated School Health Specialist
Lynn Thompson
General Education Homebound Teacher
Diana Asbury
Administrative Clerk- Academics/Student Services


Tim Ruff
Operations Supervisor
Bart Doby
Controls Specialist
Tim O’Heron
Maintenance Specialist
Shawn Phaneuf
Maintenance Specialist
Jeremy Hayes
Maintenance Generalist
Stephanie Moore
Receptionist/Administrative Clerk