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Instructional Support Coaches

Instructional Support Coaches are teacher leaders who provide teacher support through new teacher orientation/induction activities, instructional coaching, informal observations, and ongoing professional learning activities. These teacher leaders also attend and assist schools/district with planning and delivering professional development activities related to such topics as…

  • Literacy, Numeracy, and/or Integration Across Content Areas
  • TN Academic Standards
  • Best Practices

Kizzy Barbee – kizzy.barbee@acsk-12.org
Susan Buford – susan.buford@acsk-12.org
Susan Howard – susan.howard@acsk-12.org
Katie Lanza – katherine.lanza@acsk-12.org
Leslie Northam – leslie.northam@acsk-12.org
Carla Parham – carla.parham@acsk-12.org
Michelle Sluder – michelle.sluder@acsk-12.org
Angie Todd – angela.todd@acsk-12.org

Team Facilitators

Team Facilitators are teacher leaders who assist local school administration with TEAM evaluations, My Learning Plan, and teacher support. They also attend and assist with school/district professional learning activities including the following:

  • New Teacher Orientation
  • TEAM & TNCompass Training
  • Tier I Revisions & Best Practices

Tina David – tina.david@acsk-12.org
Regina Hunter-Johnson – regina.hunterjohnson@acsk-12.org
Janet Pennington – janet.pennington@acsk-12.org
Jason Reed – jason.reed@acsk-12.org

PLC Coaches

PLC Coaches are teacher leaders who support the work of the teachers and administrators in ensuring a continued focus and commitment to student learning. Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Coordinate and guide the activities of PLC teacher teams
  • Focus on assessments being used in the building, analysis of data, & support of teachers in using data to drive instruction
  • Facilitate assessment design in the form of CFA’s to ensure standards alignment
  • Participate in PD related to assessment/PLCs and redeliver, as applicable

Monica Gallimore – monica.gallimore@acsk-12.org
Marilyn Goad – marilyn.goad@acsk-12.org
Ashton Guard – kelli.guard@acsk-12.org
Casey Sandlin-Rogers – casey.sandlinrogers@acsk-12.org

Instructional Technology Coaches

Instructional Technology Coaches are teacher leaders who support teachers with digital instruction and learning. They work closely with the school-based Curriculum Technology Teacher to assist in supporting the school conversion to digital/electronic teaching and projects. Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Maintain an inventory of all digital resources available in the school
  • Assist with training/support with SAMR Model
  • Schedule ongoing, one-on-one and small group technology coaching sessions with administrators and teachers on a monthly basis
  • Provide at least one technology workshop experience per month for faculty/staff

Jonathan Hawkins – jonathan.hawkins@acsk-12.org
LeAn Inman – leigh.inman@acsk-12.org
Joel Wilhite – joel.wilhite@acsk-12.org