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A device for everyone.

The world is changing - fast. We believe it's our duty to put the best and most up-to-date technology in the hands of our students and staff to enhance and power learning. All teachers and students in Grades K-12 are equipped with an iPad to help critically engage them in classroom lessons. Through the use of these devices, we are creating powerful learning environments that offer our students new, engaging opportunities that target critical thinking and problem-solving skills, support responsible communication and collaboration, and prepare our students to live and work in our ever-changing technological world.

Community Technology Feedback Form


Arlington Community Schools shall take commercially reasonable steps to select technology for ACS’s computers having internet access that will, to the extent possible, filter, block or otherwise prevent access to pornography or obscenity through online resources, and prohibit, and to the extent possible, prevent a user from sending, receiving, viewing or downloading materials that are deemed to be harmful to minors. Please note that students that purposely bypass any filters or monitoring programs in ACS will be disciplined under the ACS Discipline Policy.
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