ACS announces its Teachers of the Year

ACS announces its Teachers of the Year
Posted on 01/07/2021
Arlington Community Schools is excited to announce its Teachers of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year! The four educators were voted by their colleagues to represent their respective schools and later examined by a Teacher of the Year review committee.

Laura Scruggs (DES), Luanne Pyron (AES), Charlotte Cantkier (AMS) and Emily Land (AHS) will now have the opportunity to advance to the next level of competition for the district and state of Tennessee.

"Like every ACS employee, these educators faced new challenges this year during the pandemic and took on new responsibilities in addition to their regular duties," said Superintendent Jeff Mayo in an announcement to employees. "I have a feeling we have a Tennessee Teacher of the Year among these honorees, and we're honored these amazing educators call ACS home."

Click each Teacher of the Year below to see what supervisors had to say about each honoree.

Laura Scruggs (DES)

Laura Scruggs

"Ms. Scruggs is a Special Education Pre-School Teacher at DES and was tasked with teaching both in-person and online pre-school students. Over and over again, I’ve been told how quick she is to adapt to situations and how she has become a dependable force in her school. She’s always ready to assist new colleagues, both at DES and AES, and is steadfast in whatever comes her way."

Luanne Pyron (AES)

Luanne Pyron

"Earlier this year when administrators were selecting who would be an Arlington Online teacher, Ms. Pyron immediately came to mind. Supervisors say she’s always been very innovative in her approach to instruction, and that attribute has especially been beneficial this year with virtual instruction. She’s embraced virtual teaching to make instruction as interactive and engaging as possible for her students."

Charlotte Cantkier (AMS)

Charlotte Cantkier

"The challenge this year for many was to create an environment that was as close to “normal” as possible. Supervisors say Ms. Cantkier has done just that by making sure that students continue to learn beyond the standards and have fun while doing it. She’s “brought in” the community by continuing interactive projects despite COVID-19 limitations. She’s also simultaneously taught online and in-person students while remaining instrumental in helping new teachers learn their way around this abnormal environment."

Emily Land (AHS)

Emily Land

"Teaching amidst a pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, but supervisors say Ms. Land hasn’t missed a beat because being innovative is who she is. Her previous success has been possible because of her thoughtful and strategic planning, and most importantly, she builds strong relationships with her students. Described as a “high-fiver,” Ms. Land has pivoted around COVID-19 protocols to reach her students every day of the week, despite being on the hybrid schedule. Her teaching standards haven’t changed because excellence is what she knows."