ACS announces new Academy of Engineering & Innovation

ACS announces new Academy of Engineering & Innovation
Posted on 01/17/2019
Several years ago, Arlington Community Schools began a mission to introduce all of its students to the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. In the fall, after many years of planning, STEM became integrated into grades K-12, exposing every student to its lessons.

Today, ACS is proud to announce the next phase of our STEM program: The Academy of Engineering and Innovation at Arlington High School. The Academy, which opens in Fall 2019 for entering freshmen, will allow students to major in one of five categories: STEM, Mechatronics, Coding, Cybersecurity or Welding. Similar to college, they’ll also choose a minor from those categories.

“This Academy will force students to expand their horizons,” said Jason Winkler, Instructional Technology Coordinator.welding Currently, Winkler explained, students are typically sectioned into certain programs, such as welding only or STEM only. The goal of the Academy is for students to dabble in several engineering subjects so they can learn their likes and dislikes.

“We’re trying to give them the skills to be successful in a variety of different workplaces,” Winkler said. “They’re working with students of different likes and skills, they’re communicating, they’re collaborating, they’re taking risks.”

More perks include one-on-one mentorships with faculty, admission to a host of local and regional competitions and access to special programmings, such as special-guest speakers from the engineering field. Academy participants will also work with and guide younger students during the ACS Summer STEM Camp.

catapultMost importantly, the Academy will offer structure so they can capitalize on as many course offerings at AHS as possible.

“Our goal is for them to step right into the workforce with managerial and real-life experiences or enter college ahead of the competition by having a strong foundation in civil, manufacture or computer engineering,” Winkler said. “It’s an exciting time for them and our district.”

To learn more about the Academy of Engineering and Innovation or to apply, check out this link.