ACS has record year at Perennial Math competition

ACS has record year at Perennial Math competition
Posted on 03/02/2020

Arlington Community Schools had a record year at the Perennial Math competition this past weekend, with 10 individual winners and four teams placing in the top three.

The Perennial Math competition tests students' mathematical reasoning, logic skills, teamwork and collaboration, communication skills, excitement for problem solving and persistence and hard work. The competition, hosted at Arlington High School this year, featured nearly 350 students and 74 teams from across the Memphis region.

Arlington Elementary boasted four individual winners at the competition:

  • 3rd Grader Tessa Fatz placed 3rd
  • 4th Grader Maggie Sanders placed 2nd
  • 4th Grader Ali Hassenzahl placed 3rd
  • 5th Grader Eman Nuhic placed 3rd

Donelson Elementary had an impressive showing as well:

  • 3rd Graders Maya Downey and Caleb Deter tied for 3rd Place
  • 4th Grader Michael Hawkins placed 2nd

Arlington Middle School also had three individual winners:

  • 6th Grader Sawyer Oselies placed 2nd
  • 6th Graders Josiah Griffin and Grace Chen tied for 3rd place

Additionally, DES had two teams take 2nd and 3rd places, while AES and AMS each had a 3rd place team win.

All of the winners will now have the opportunity to compete in the Nationals Virtual Tournament in March. Congratulations to these students and their teachers!

Teacher Sponsors:

Ginny Tomlinson and Andrea Ogle (AES)
Jennifer Powers, Aisa Brammer (DES)
Jennifer Harvey, Alanna Fausel, and Stacy Ham (AMS)