Arlington High artists enjoy record year of wins

Arlington High artists enjoy record year of wins
Posted on 01/11/2019
Article written by AHS Art Teacher Melanie Anderson

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On the heels of the Visual Arts Department winning “Best in Show” at the Briarcrest Regional Art Contest and “Best in Show” at the West TN Regional Art Contest, Arlington High School won more top honors than any other public or private school in the region at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

A total of 98 awards were bestowed on these young artists including 26 Goldpainting of a girl giving the peace sign Keys, 28 Silver Keys and 44 Honorable Mentions. AHS Visual Arts Students also were bestowed the following special awards: Senior Portfolio Award, Senior First Place, The Senior Personal Visions Award, The American Visions Nominee, Senior Third Place, 2 Gold Key Portfolios, 1 Silver Key Portfolio, and 3 Honorable Mention Portfolios.

In addition to the outstanding performance of the AHS Visual Arts Department, the accolades also include three Media Arts students, whose films and video works earned them awards as well.

These students will be honored at a special awards ceremony at Brooks Museum of Art on Saturday, Feb. 16th at 2:30 pm. The Scholastic Art Show will be on display at Brooks from January 26th-February 24th.

The following students will be recognized for their artworks:

Lanyce Williams: 5 Gold Keys, 1 Silver, 3 Honorable Mentions, Senior First Place, Senior Personal Visions Award, American Visions Nominee
Aubrey Ralston: 3 Gold Keys, 3 Silver Keys, 2 Honorable Mentions, Senior Portfolio Award, Senior Third Place
Abby Rose: 3 Gold Keys, 4 Silver Keys, 2 Honorable Mentions
Madison McMahon: 2 Gold Keys, 2 Silver Keys, 7 Honorable Mentions, Honorable Mention Portfolio
Sarah Stobbe: 2 Gold Key2, 3 Silver Keys, 4 Honorable Mentions, Honorable Mention Portfolio
Emily Young: 1 Gold Key, 4 Silver Keys, 3 Honorable Mentions, Silver Key Portfolio
Tai Williams: 2 Gold Keys, 4 Silver Keys, 1 Honorable Mention, Honorable Mention Portfolio
Sara Storch: 1 Gold Key, 2 Honorable Mentions
Calah Gipson: 1 Gold Key, 1 Silver Key, 1 Honorable Mention
Lacee Lancaster: 1 Gold Key, 1 Honorable Mention
Lara Stearsman: 1 Silver Key, 3 Honorable Mentions
Macy Clanton: 1 Gold Key, 1 Silver Key
Haley DeSousa: 1 Gold Key, 1 Honorable Mention
Zoe Bobbitt: 1 Gold Key
Sydney Warren: 1 Gold Key
Cayce Shepherd: 1 Gold Key
Josie Raines: 1 Gold Key
Mallorie Vachon: 2 Silver Keys, 1 Honorable Mention
Brittany Hoskins: 1 Silver Key
Abigail Martin: 1 Silver Key
Melate Haile: 2 Honorable Mentions
Olivia Stearsman: 1 Honorable Mention
Jenna-Claire Comella: 1 Honorable Mention
Hudson Criswell: 1 Honorable Mention
Will Evans: 1 Honorable Mention
Paige Joyner: 1 Honorable Mention
Hannah Malone: 1 Honorable Mention
Riley Martin: 1 Honorable Mention
Hailey Miller: 1 Honorable Mention
Jordan Miller: 1 Honorable Mention
Abigail Newlund: 1 Honorable Mention
Morgan Risley: 1 Honorable Mention