Latisha King named finalist for Science Educator of the Year

Latisha King named finalist for Science Educator of the Year
Posted on 01/02/2020
Arlington Middle School science teacher Latisha King is not the same educator as when she first began her career – she’s not even the same as she was last year.

“I’m always learning,” she said. “ACS has changed teaching for me forever. With technology, it’s like I did a 180°. I’m always exploring new apps and tools to help challenge my students and myself.”

For example, King recently implemented a new iPad app in her classroom that prepared students for a test; ultimately, 90 percent of those students scored a 91 or higher. “Those are the highest scores I’ve seen all year, and I credit it, in part, with how my students are being engaged through technology.”

AMS Principal Dr. Allison Clark believes that self-starter, “thirst-for-knowledge” attitude is one of the many reasons King was recently named an educator of the year finalist for the second consecutive year.

“Ms. King is extremely dedicated to teaching and knowing the content matter in her classroom,” Clark explained. “She’s never asked to evolve as a teacher; it’s just in her nature to do so. Something I love about Ms. King is how knowledgeable she is about her students’ abilities and how she goes the extra mile to make sure she’s reaching students on their own level.”

The Tennessee Science Teachers Association selected King as one of only 26 teachers statewide for the 5-8 Science Educator of the Year Award based on her educational philosophy, experience and leadership roles.

Modestly, King pointed to her “leading-from-a-distance” teaching style as a possible factor for her being named a finalist for the second year in a row. “I let my kids take the reins,” she said. “I keep an open mind by letting my students be the driving force behind their learning. I’m always there to help guide them along the way, but it’s important that I empower them to be self-learners. I learn from them all the time.”