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ACS Spotlight on Employees - February 2024

ACS Spotlight on Employees - February 2024
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The ACS Employee Spotlight program recognizes both certified and classified employees for their outstanding contributions to the district. These employees are chosen by the school's administrative team for displaying one of the five Portrait of an ACS Graduate tenants: Communicate Effectively, Collaborate Intentionally, Cultivate Creativity, Be Resilient or Lead with Empathy. Congratulations to the following Arlington Awesome employees!

Arlington Elementary

Andrea Ogle
Collaborate Intentionally

Mrs. Ogle has taught for more than 27 years and currently serves as one of AES’s 5th grade math and science teachers. She has taught 5th grade and 4th grade at AES and has served as a sponsor for several clubs and organizations throughout her tenure here at AES. This year is no different. Mrs. Ogle has stepped in to assist with the Best Buddies program and has loved every moment of it. She has collaborated with our teacher leaders to help them grow in their practices, which is moving our school forward. She is always so excited about helping the school prepare for future events and activities.

Mrs. Ogle never has a problem working with others to ensure all students are able to reach their fullest potential. Thank you, Mrs. Ogle, for your willingness to do what is needed for the students and staff of AES!

Donelson Elementary

Cecilia Dubuisson
Be Resilient

Ms. Dubuisson is an amazing part of the DES family! She is a teacher leader who has never-ending ideas on how to best help all of her students. Ms. Dubuisson serves as the kindergarten grade chair and frequently meets with her team to discuss best practices to help students. She is a part of the DES leadership team, which meets to share ideas and develop professionally. Furthermore, she is also a part of the eMints program, where she strives to learn new technology ideas and best teaching practices to integrate into her lessons.

Ms. Dubuisson's positive attitude, commitment to bettering herself and others, and unwavering resilience make her an invaluable asset to the school family. Her influence is creating a positive ripple effect that enhances the overall educational experience for students and her colleagues.

Arlington Middle

Kertrina Henry
Collaborate Intentionally

Mrs. Kertrina Henry is an exemplary teacher at our school who serves multiple key leadership roles. She serves as a member of our Capacity Team, Leadership Team and she also serves as our 6th grade chair. She is responsible for organizing and leading the 6th grade team in our school and serves as a liaison to administration for 6th grade concerns. She has also assisted with observing and giving feedback to multiple teachers throughout our building to help them improve their practice and implement best practices for teaching.

Our school appreciates her attention to detail, positive attitude and ability to collaborate with her team to solve and fix problems. Her leadership is an example to all and an indication of how well our 6th grade team shines in collaborating to do what is best for our students, whether it’s data tracking, RTI assessments, schedule changes or key school events. Mrs. Henry can be relied upon as a leader who listens to her colleagues and gets results for her team. We appreciate her and all of her work with the faculty and students.

Arlington High

Missy Jenkins
Be Resilient

Mrs. Jenkins's approach to teaching is one of fierce determination. She teaches every day, bell to bell, in a way that is an example of hard work and resiliency. Her exemplary work ethic and resilience serve as a powerful model for her students, illustrating the value of hard work and perseverance.

She is dedicated to students of all levels; holding high expectations for all while never letting students give up on themselves or their goals. She is a problem solver who is always looking for the best way to reach students or motivate them to do their best, often by tailoring her approach to meet the diverse needs of her students. She teaches strong intrapersonal skills and encourages students to advocate for themselves.