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When & how ACS determines school closures

When & how ACS determines school closures
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ACS Parents, Guardians & Employees,

With the second semester now underway, we want to remind you about our inclement weather protocol as we progress further into the wintry season. Already, forecasters are predicting winter weather early next week!

Should ACS make the decision to close schools due to winter or severe weather, parents, guardians and employees will be notified via an automated phone call, text and email. The information will also be posted on the district’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as the ACS Mobile App.

How ACS determines school closures

The ACS Weather Team monitors all weather situations closely by relying on local forecasts and the National Weather Service. Additionally, an ACS crew monitors and travels bus routes, local roads and school property to ensure road conditions are suitable for wide-spread travel. ACS also collaborates with surrounding school districts and municipalities when deciding to cancel or delay school openings.

When ACS notifies families of school closures

If possible, ACS will send notifications about school closures or delays the night before by 9 p.m.

If the decision to close school is made overnight, parents and staff can expect to receive a phone call at home early in the morning. While the goal is to notify everyone by 5 a.m., there could be instances in which the notification is sent after 5 a.m.

Stockpile Inclement Weather Days

As usual, the district has inclement weather days built into the school calendar. Any additional days missed beyond those could be rescheduled.

Thank you!