Snow days. Will we make them up?

//Snow days. Will we make them up?

Snow days. Will we make them up?

Will we make up snow days?ARLINGTON, Tenn. (ACS) – Arlington Community Schools students returned to classes on Friday after a week-long, and unexpected, break due to winter weather.

But as the snow days stacked up, students – and many parents according to Facebook chatter – began to wonder, “Will we have to make these days up?” Trust us, we saw the panic on Twitter. “We’re still having Spring Break, right?,” questioned @juliannadvd.

Another student jumped straight to the point asking, “Are you taking our summer away? #askingforafriend.”

Don’t fear. Spring and summer breaks are not canceled. Like many school districts, ACS has stockpile days reserved for times like this. By state law, students must attend at least 6 1/2 hour-long days. Students in Arlington go seven hours, allowing up to 13 days for inclement weather or professional development.

Later this spring, typically in April, the school board will vote whether to use the stockpile days or extend the school calendar into summer. Historically, board members have decided to utilize the stockpile days, and ACS has no reason to believe that trend won’t continue.